A genre defying songstress of blues and country rock infused soul... with her bona fide band of brothers, they make one hell of a road trip...........with the boys in the backseat and mama firmly at the steering wheel ”

— The Fringe

Album Release

STRANGER Album Release 13/11/2019

Mix in a little black magic and gospel, and rise to moments of Aretha Franklin-esque energy alongside her live vocals, often accompanied with her wing man guitar slinger Gavin Dowling (Confessor/NZ)  and her bona fide band of brothers -  Rod Redgrave (bass) Janek Croydon (steel) Bruce Madden (organ) and Nic Hulme Chivell (drums) - you'll find yourself on a road trip through the land where the boundaries of Blues, Americana, Gospel Soul and 70's style Country Rock become one, with those boys in charge of the back seat and mama firmly at the steering wheel.

In the style of big voiced gals with attitude - one can hear influences from Bonnie Raitt, Susan Tedeschi, Etta James to Emmy Lou Harris in her accomplished and award nominated songwriting.

(Waiata Maori Music Awards/ISC)

As the former band leader and vocalist of New Zealand jazz/funk group BlackSandDiva for the best part of a decade, jazz vocal trained Catherine (Cat) Tunks has travelled the world as a performing and recording artist with two acclaimed albums, an impressive list of festival appearances and collaborations with musicians from all over the globe. (Arli Liberman/Israel, Thomas Koenig/Germany, Stefan Nagler/Germany, Jon Sanders/Ireland)

2016 saw the release of EP The Beautiful Dreamers, 2019 bought the singles BLIND FAITH and THE DRINKING SONG as her loyal following awaits the forthcoming 2019/20 7 track release STRANGER

Whether solo or with her stellar live band combining pedal and lap steel, hammond organ, hypnotising guitar accompaniment and vocals that soar through many moods, Tunks can give her live audience a seduction that comes only from a life well lived on and off the stage.